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Weekly Doses of Pop-up Psych

We all make cringey mistakes and deserve to move on, rather than feel confused or regretful after an icky social situation. Each week, I will dissect a murky social, life cycle, or pop culture topic to help you understand, learn, and move on. As a former academic, I am a super-picky consumer of research (and you should be too) as well as the content I create and share, so those new solutions, data and/or additional resources have certainly met my approval.

Seizing 'Me Time' Unapologetically: Maximizing the Week Between Christmas and New Year's

Like an outsider looking in, you are scrolling through your socials liking, hearting, and commenting on everybody’s beautiful holidays that are doused in hashtags like #blessed, #family, and #grateful. Your feed is dominated by happy faces rocking matching pajamas by the Christmas tree, toasting tropical drinks in the Caribbean, and showing off impressive ski runs, while you are simply trying to hold it together.  


If I had to describe December as a flower, it would be a rose:  beautiful, but thorny. The holiday season is magical and exciting, but can trigger a plethora of emotions like grief, sadness, and anger. Like a rose, we navigate through December to see how the Holiday Season evolves-will it stay closed and die or blossom into something beautiful?


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years 


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years by working


If you don’t have plans, then why not? Admittedly, working is certainly not the most glamorous way to spend this week. Most industries other than healthcare, law enforcement, and retail are quiet if they are not completely closed for the week. Those quiet workplaces can be quite peaceful between a break from emails and calls, relaxed dress codes, lighter commuting traffic, and modified hours. 


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years by creating


Nothing kills a creative flow more than an interruption. Not this week-it’s like having the public pool all to yourself to swim however you want. Everyone and everything else is basically out of the way, carving a delicious space for you to let loose to sing, build, write, paint, and do you. 


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years by organizing

Whether you are organizing physical space like closets or strategizing for the upcoming year, you need time and space. After the chaos of ripping everything apart, there is a need for stillness to create a semblance of order. No disruptions to figure out how everything needs to be organized is golden. 


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years by doing good


One of the best medicines when you are feeling lousy is helping others.  Whether it’s a few hours, words, or dollars, the smallest effort that might not be a big deal to you, could completely change someone’s mood or world for the better.


Maximize the week between Christmas and New Years by resolving health issues


Healthcare is a 24/7 business that never stops. Resolving health issues can be scary and painful. December, compared to the other 11 months, is cheery and festive because a stoic and sterile environment is decorated and the personnel are generally upbeat.


What about you?


How can you maximize this week? How can you help someone else maximize this week?

Hi Beautiful Readers and thank you for reading this! I'm Dr. Joanne Broder, Media Psychologist, Author, and Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Please consider me to help you write your memoir, blogs, speeches, e-books, as well as coach you on your dissertation or thesis.  Click here so we can connect!

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