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When I am not writing or journaling for myself, I am on my yoga mat, walking, hiking, biking, reading, and traveling to somewhere to scuba dive and snorkel.  I am a beach bum, but also love wandering around cities watching people and occasionally hearing their stories if I'm lucky enough.  

I love spending time with my family and friends. I am blessed to have friends from every chapter of life. I am a mom to teenage twin boys, who get me to do the riskier biking and hiking adventures. I am currently teaching them how to cook, so I don’t have to do it anymore-thankfully, they have embraced it.

My life’s other simple pleasures include power naps and finding fresh goodies and local art at farmer’s markets. I also love hoodies and proudly admit that I have more hoodies than shoes and handbags combined. I live for live music, but since Neal Peart of Rush and Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen passed away, I am looking to adopt some new bands.  Any suggestions?

You will never find me awake in front of a television since it knocks me out in minutes. I am also not a fan of heights and being cold.  I love hearing about everyone else's skiing adventures, since I have no desire to make them on my own.


Yoga on beach: an amazing yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico.  I do this posture, Camel aka "writer's friend" every day or my neck and shoulders would be in agony!

Sunglasses: Greetings from San Francisco.  This hill was so steep, it needed stairs!  In this pic, I was walking off the best gnocchi I have ever eaten in my life.

Keith Haring statue: One of my favorite artists!  This was also in San Fran, right before the Publisher's Party at the American Psychological Association convention.

My boys and I in central park: This was in the middle of a monumental day! My sons and I achieved a major family goal and walked the length of Central Park from south to north with lots of boulder climbing in between.

Sunrise handstand: I also do a long headstand every day to feel grounded.  It's rare for me to do sunrise yoga, so just getting up and out there was a huge achievement.

into a great biking routine. This was a rare sunset shot taken by one of my biking buddies.

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