Dissertation and Thesis Coaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that over half of doctoral students do not finish graduate school, which is a horrifying reality that is consistent in all majors.  This must not be you.

We can meet via video, phone call, email, and in person, if it is geographically feasible.  My goal is for you to move continuously make progress towards finishing your dissertation.  All coaching clients will receive a signed copy of my book, Finish Your Dissertation, Don’t Let it Finish You!

Coaching topics include:

  • Choosing the Right Topic for You
  • Motivation
  • Solid Research Questions and Hypotheses
  • Research Design
  • Effective Sample Recruitment
  • Instrument Design and Validation
  • Gaining IRB Approval
  • Description of the Results
  • Discussion of the Results
  • Preparing for a
  • Next Steps for Your Dissertation Study
Coaching does not include
  • Copy editing
  • Finding references
  • Writing your original work
  • Talking to your dissertation chair or committee on your behalf
  • Performing statistical or content analyses

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